Recital 2019 Packets Arriving This Week

Recital Ticket Sale

Recital Packets were mailed out on Sunday, April 21. There are a lot of important documents included. Below you can read about Recital Confirmations, Recital Ticket Pre-Sale, Recital Handbook, Recital DVD, Summer Dance and Recital Tight Sale.

Recital Confirmation

This will tell you which which recital your child will perform. At the top it will say “Recital Confirmation 11am, 2pm, 6pm”. You can ignore this part and look for the list of classes. This is where you will find out whether your child is in the 11am, 2pm or 6pm recital*.

*We plan out every recital and try to arrange dances so a family only needs to attend 1 recital to see all of their child(ren)’s dances. In order for that to happen, a dancer may have to dance in a second recital with their class. This is a great treat for dancers who have worked hard learning their dances. In this case, parents are not required stay for the second recital but have the option to purchase a ticket if they would like to see the dance a second time.

Recital Ticket Pre-Sale Order Form

We guarantee every family an equal number of seats for the recital their child performs. These tickets are guaranteed only through the Recital Ticket Pre-Sale Order Form. If you need more than your guaranteed tickets, use the last column on the order form to request extra tickets. Extra ticket requests are first come first serve. Return your form ASAP for the best chance of getting all the extra tickets you request. PLEASE BRING THIS WITH YOU WHEN ORDERING TICKETS.

NOTE: You can return your order form with cash or check and not have to wait in line. You can even have your dancer drop it off when they have class.
NOTE: Only send cash or check for the guaranteed tickets you order. Do not send in money for your extra ticket requests. You will be notified if your request was filled and can pay when picking up your tickets.

Recital Handbook

This 2 sided paper will have answers to most everything you need to know about the recital. Grab a coffee and a highlighter and take a moment to highlight everything that pertains to you. Any questions, let us know.

Recital DVD Order Form

We produce our own DVD after the recital with closeups of every dancer and menus to find your child’s dances quickly.

Summer Dance

Please take a moment to register for Summer Dance Classes. Camp Wanna-Dance is for dancers ages 3-14 beginning July 8th. Click Here to view the 2019 Summer Dance Classes.

Summer Dance
Come To Greendale Dance Academy for Summer Dance 2019:
Camp Wanna-Dance!

Recital Tight Sale

Remember, Dancer’s Boutique will be at GDA on May 9th from 4pm-7pm and May 11th from 9am-12pm with Recital Tights, gifts and other dance accessories. 10% off all cash sales at GDA only on those two days.

Recital Tights, Gifts and Dance Accessories. 10% off cash sales only at GDA during recital tight sale.

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