Dance Activities 3-21

Dance Activities 3/21

Please feel free to share this activity page. With our schools closed and students adjusting to remote learning, it’s important that they keep moving, get some fresh air and stay healthy all while social distancing. We hope these links help provide that. Parents too… Try to find time every day to stay active! Keep Dancing!

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Waka Waka Warmup

Kids and Family Cardio Workout

Middle Splits

Yesterday we featured Front and Back splits here.

*NEW* Hip Hop Game with Miss Madisen

A New York City Ballet Workout

Tappers Learn How To Flap

Learn How To Moonwalk

Dance Activities

Coloring Page: Download Here. When you are done, send it to us and you might see it on a Bedtime Story LIVE With Miss Melissa.

Free Dance Classes

Dance Alone Together

A Collection Of Many Free Classes Offered TODAY! Updated Daily.

CLI Free Classes

Great classes, Especially for the intermediate/advanced students and competition team.

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