Coronavirus Update 3-29-2020

Dear GDA Families,

Thank you for your patience as we work through the Governor’s order to remain closed. We want to give you an update as to where we are at…

What We Are Doing

ZOOM VIRTUAL CLASSES– We are offering Virtual Classes using Zoom. We felt it was important to keep dancers dancing and connecting with their peers and teachers. We also felt it was important to continue offering classes since March tuition was paid and we are committed to paying all of our teachers. Parent and Student feedback has been entirely positive as we moved online this week. Your feedback has been valuable in helping us fine tune moving forward. 

UPDATE: Regarding the recent news about “Zoom Hacking”. Our teachers already implemented many of the best practices from the beginning to keep our meetings private and we will continue to follow recommendations set forth by Zoom to ensure everyone’s online safety.

MAKEUP CLASSES– Since our last update a lot has changed. We are offering Virtual Classes for every class we offer. Once we reopen, we will offer Makeup classes (a little more on Makeups further down).

TUTION– We said at the beginning that tuition would be on hold and we would not be automatically charging tuition as long as we were closed. At the time, schools were scheduled to reopen in early April. While that has changed, we want to continue to provide classes as best we can and also continue to pay our teachers. So here is what we are planning to do: 

1) We will put April tuition on your accounts but will NOT automatically charge any credit cards.

2) If you can pay, that will help us continue to operate and keep our tremendous teachers on staff. You can make a payment in the parent portal or by sending in a check. Login to your Parent Portal Here.

3) If you can’t pay, we want your child to keep dancing. There will be NO LATE FEES or penalties. Nobody will be dropped from classes. Please continue to have your child participate in all of their virtual classes, practice their recital dances and keep involved in any of the activities we offer.

As a dance community, we are aware of how other studios are handling this situation. Each studio is different but we all have the same goal, which is to keep staff in place while being closed.

What To Expect

We will continue to offer virtual classes for all of our classes, just on a modified schedule. Emails and texts went out all week with times and links to the virtual class.  A major update coming soon to your Parent Portal will put all of this in one place and will make access to virtual class links, practice videos, etc. right in your child’s class list. And we are moving ahead with plans to reopen as soon as we are allowed. We will also continue to update our website with Daily Dance Activities and each night at 7pm we are LIVE on YouTube and Facebook with a Bedtime Story reading.

Do we view the Virtual classes as a replacement for being in the studio? We view the Virtual Classes as a way to bridge the gap. While we would rather be in the studio, we can’t. 

Will we be able to makeup every class once we reopen? We are still planning to offer makeup classes but our approach has changed slightly. Now that we have our virtual classes in place, we will plan to offer makeup classes to supplement the time we aren’t quite able to cover in the virtual class. 

We are prepared to open as soon as we are given the ok. Thank you for your patience while we wait. This situation continues to evolve daily and we will update you again if things change.

I hope our Virtual Classes help bring some normalcy back to your child’s life. It has been very helpful for the staff and I to reconnect with the dancers. I am proud of how quickly all of our teachers adapted to teaching online and I can’t thank them enough for stepping outside of their comfort zone. Please continue to social distance and practice good hygiene. And Keep Dancing!


Miss Melissa

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