Coronavirus Update May 2020

Coronavirus Update May 2020

Hello GDA Dance Families,

Thank you for all of your kind emails as we continue to navigate being a non-essential closure due to the coronavirus. As you know, the governor has pushed the date back to mid-May for some businesses to re-open and schools are now cancelled for the remainder of the year. It’s a wide range of time that leaves us without a firm date to reopen but we are moving ahead with plans so we are prepared for when we can.

Here is where we are at:


We will continue to provide live Zoom dance classes for dancers through the end of May. If we are able to reopen before then, we will communicate what that will look like. If we remain closed per order of the governor, the last day for Zoom classes will be June 1.

NOTE: As we move forward with Zoom, some of their safety measures will require teachers to use a password for class… the studio password is included in an email from 5/1/2020.


We are saddened to announce that our venue has temporarily cancelled all future events so we have to postpone or rethink our recital. Unfortunately, most auditoriums have postponed or cancelled all of their programming as well so finding another venue will be difficult. There is also the unknown of when large groups will be able to congregate or what social distancing requirements there will be on stage makes it difficult for us to plan a future event. However, we are considering a variety of ideas that would include a late summer recital, in class performances (assuming we are able to reopen), an outdoor performance or a virtual recital. Everything is fluid at the moment and we are looking at several scenarios.

As such, we have uploaded recital practice dances into the parent portal for almost all of the recreational classes and we hope to have the rest posted shortly. Login here, scroll down to your dancer’s name and tap view classes. There will be buttons to tap for Virtual Classes and Class Materials. Some classes also have other skill videos to practice. Your dancers should practice in small sections at first and then work up to the full dance. Thank you to our teachers that have been hard at work outside of class making these videos!

NOTE: From the parent portal there are buttons for Virtual Classes and Class Materials. The company running our parent portal has done an awesome job of updating for virtual learning. Please take advantage. Login, scroll down to your dancer’s name, tap on View Classes and in the class list there will be two buttons. One for Virtual Classes and one for Class Materials.


All recital costumes were ordered in the fall and we have boxes of costumes waiting for us to sort through and distribute. You will receive your costumes. We are working on a plan to get everyone their costumes soon. It may mean in class if we are able to reopen or it may be an afternoon where parents drive through to pick up costumes. We will communicate this to parents.

Looking ahead:


There will be no charge for May tuition. When we first started zoom classes, we did it to bridge the gap of our anticipated reopening in late April. We put April tuition on accounts with an understanding that those classes would be 30 minutes and we would make up the rest of the time in the studio when we reopened. Since we know we will be closed for a few more weeks, we feel it is only right that the Zoom classes scheduled for May be the make up time you were promised. We are grateful that many of you reached out about paying tuition or offering to pay for families that couldn’t. Thank you. If you have a balance for February or March, we will be reaching out to take care of those balances. If you would like to pay April and haven’t, the charge is on your account. As we mentioned last month, if you can’t pay, there will be no late fees or penalties and dancers will not be dropped from classes. Please continue to have your dancers attend the zoom classes.


If we are able to open before the end of May or beginning of June or we can find a venue for a recital, we will want to get the dancers in class to work on their recital dances together. If that happens, we will develop a pro-rated tuition schedule that pays the teachers for their time while dancers prepare for a performance. 


To our staff… they have been unbelievably supportive throughout. None of them signed up to teach remotely but they have all stepped up to learn this new method and have put in extra time to record recital dances so your children have something to practice.

To all of our GDA Family… We can’t thank you enough for your patience and for sticking with us during this unprecedented time. Our goal has been to maintain some normalcy for the dancers during this time when we have little control and few answers. We hope your dancer has found some fun and enjoyment out of having class each week and we also hope they will continue to come to class through the end of the year.

We will be in touch again as things evolve and we know more.

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