Virtual Recital Information

May 25, 2020

Virtual Recital Information

We are going to do our best to put together a Virtual Recital for dancers and families. As you can imagine, there are a lot of moving parts and we do anticipate there will be bumps in the road. Please be patient with us as we try to minimize them and make this fun for everyone. Please also remember this won’t be perfect and it’s ok if your dancer is not at their best. It’s not a reflection on them or you. With that in mind… here is what you can expect from us:

Slideshow – Please email us a picture of your dancer, in their costume, outside. The theme of the recital is Dancing In The Great Outdoors. Please email to [email protected] and use the Subject GREAT OUTDOORS. Pictures are due by June 1st. Please know… Once the slideshow is complete, we will not be able to add any more photos so Late Submissions may NOT be included in the slideshow.

Costumes – Dancers should be in their recital costume. Light state makeup is optional but not required. Same with a dance bun. If you missed costume pickup, Miss Melissa will be at the studio tomorrow (Tuesday, 5/26 from 1pm-2pm).

Zoom – Teachers will start their zoom classes as they normally do, same time, same code and same passwords. If you can’t get in, send us an email and/or a facebook message ASAP so we can try to troubleshoot. Your teacher will be recording the class this week. That means what is on the screen is what everyone will see for the virtual recital. Please make sure your camera is on, that we can see your dancer from head to toe and have your dancer along a blank wall or outside if possible. We discourage you from “zooming” in the dancer’s bedroom. Teachers may have the dancers run the dance once or several times. Teachers will need to end class a few minutes early to give their computers time to download the recorded video.

Audio – We will have the dancers muted which is not great with tap classes. A limitation with zoom causes an issue with tap sounds over powering the teacher and the music.

Dancing Together – Another limitation of zoom is that dancers don’t hear the teacher and the music at the same time so dancers will not be completely synchronized. That will be okay too.

Competition Dances – We will not record competition classes. We are collecting recordings from past performances of your dances. We have a bunch already and are working on which ones we still need. If we can’t get them, we will set up a zoom time to record those dances. Competition Dances that did not compete yet this year WILL have to record this week.

Watching The Recital – Our plan is to livestream the Recital on June 13th in some capacity and afterwards making the videos available for download (slideshow too) through the parent portal. More details to come. 

Recital Awards – We will be sending home participation awards and we will be honoring the commitment of our 5th, 10th and 15th year dancers. If your child was supposed to receive their 5, 10 or 15 year award, please fill out the form that was linked in the email.

Please fill out the form that was included in our email if this will be your dancer’s 5th, 10th or 15th recital.

Recital T-Shirts – Because there will not be an in-person recital this year, we will not be able to offer free recital t-shirts. Many of you have offered to purchase recital tickets anyway or continue to pay tuition. We appreciate ALL of the offers. We are running a limited t-shirt sale where a portion of the proceeds will come back to the studio to help offset the ongoing costs of being closed. Learn about how you can purchase a recital t-shirt here:

Bedtime Stories- We know this has been a lot of fun for many of you, but Wednesday will be our last Bedtime Story LIVE with Miss Melissa. Over the last 2 months we read over 40 books and the videos have almost 6000 combined views. We hope you will tune in for the last 2 stories tomorrow and Wednesday. On Wedneday we will honor our Seniors with a special reading of Dr. Seuss’, “Oh The Places You’ll Go”. You can watch Storytime LIVE at 7pm on our Facebook page or our YouTube Channel.

Thank you for your support over the last 2 months. Your letters, emails, cards, and signs have all been an inspiration for us as we worked through these challenging times. We are doing our best to take lemons and turn them into lemonade. We hope you will enjoy the Virtual Recital for what it is… a showcase of hardwork and perseverance through some very challenging and historical times. We look forward to seeing all the dancers this week on zoom!

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