Costume Payment Due 10/16

[fblike][gtranslate]Just a reminder, if you haven’t logged in and paid for recital costumes, the payment is due on 10/16. Yes, as crazy as that sounds, we are getting ready to order costumes already.

If you already paid for your child’s costume, THANK YOU! This email is going out to the entire studio. You can always login and check your account. Here is the link to login.

FAQ – Are there any other charges parents need to know about?

Answer – The only other charge parents need to know about will be recital tickets, which go on sale in April/May. We will have a GDA Clothing Sale happening soon, which is optional, and the clothing will arrive in time for the holidays. We believe in up-front pricing for tuition and fees. If you ever have a question, just ask.

NOTE: If you have a question about year long expenses, we detail them in the Handbook which can be found under fall information on our website.