Parking Lot 5pm Changeover

Thank you for helping keep everyone safe and our parking lot running smoothly for both the dance studio and the other tenants in our building. We have designed our schedule to offset drop off and pick up times, however we still need everyone’s cooperation while dropping off and picking up.

GDA Families should choose LANES 1 OR 2. Please leave lane 3 open for the day care families.

1) To keep everyone safe.
2) To keep ARARAT STREET open.


  1. PICK UP – Arrive at the end of class, not before. (ex. Thursday Classes) BALLET 1 4:50pm, HIP HOP/ACRO 4:50pm.
  2. DROP OFF – Arrive no more than 5 minutes before the start of class. (ex. Thursday Classes) BALLET/TAP 4:55pm, LYRICAL 1 4:55pm.

How YOU can help…CHOOSE A LANE

  1. If you’re picking up, back into any available parking spot (Backing in makes it much easier to get out) OR Choose Lane #1 from above. Please stay to the left.
  2. If you’re dropping off, Choose Lane #2 – the drop and go lane.
  3. Never use Lane 3. This is for the day care families.
  4. Always keep the Entrance clear.

How YOU can help…EXIT

  1. Merge into Lane #2 to exit. Please do not use Lane #3. That is for the day care families.

It’s a very short amount of time where the parking lot is very busy, but if everyone is patient and can help by either parking in a spot or choosing lane 1 or 2, everyone will be safe and we can be good neighbors by keeping Ararat St. free and clear of traffic. Thank you!