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If you notice something that doesn’t seem correct or is missing, please email the office.
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Recital Updates & Reminders

We are in the final stretch! On behalf of the GDA teaching staff, thank you for allowing us to teach your children about the wonderful world of dance. We are honored to be able to be a part of their lives!
Please read this notice carefully as there are a lot of reminders and necessary information. We will update this page as needed with Recital Information so be sure to bookmark this page.


ALL tickets must be picked up by Monday, June 6, 2016. There are STILL tickets available for purchase. See the office for details.

Rehearsal Information…

  • Please download the rehearsal schedule posted above.
  • Dancers wear regular dance attire to rehearsal (do not wear costumes)
  • Dancers with multiple classes do not need to bring all dance shoes with them. Please just wear Ballet or jazz shoes for everything (even tap shoes aren’t needed for kids with multiple classes) We try hard not to lose anything or leave anything behind!
  • Dancers should be ready to dance at 4:00. We will run in the order provided. At approximately 5:00 or once the finale is practiced dancers up to that point will be able to leave if all their dances are practiced.
  • After finale, you can plan your pick up time by allotting every dance 5 minutes.

Friendly Updates & Reminders…

  • No Nail polish should be worn in the recital on fingers or toes.
  • No underwear should be worn (tights take the place)
  • If dancer has multiple dances and wants to wear a nude cami leotard that is acceptable and encouraged.
  • Dancers are allowed one set of stud earrings. All other body piercings should be removed.
  • All “fun color” hair dye needs to be covered. The dancers need to look uniform.
  • Grand Finale: All recreational dancers will wear the last costume they performed in for grand finale. Competitive dancers will wear recital t-shirts over last costume worn.
  • Act I finale in the 2:00 show will be performed by creative movement, combo classes and the competition team only. All other dancers perform in the Grand Finale.
  • Creative Movement and combo dancers in the 2:00 show are invited and encouraged to sit with family for Act II if seats are available.
  • Please be sure your dancer has the proper shoes for the recital.
  • If you are trying to plan other family events on the same day and need to know an approximate time your child will be finished plan each dance at 3 min.
  • We ask that all families in multiple shows please leave the building between shows so that the custodians can clean.
  • Please see the picture provided (Coming Soon) online if your child is in multiple dances. No bags should be brought backstage.
  • Costumes on hangers with dance shoes in ziplock bags all with names on them.
  • So that we know exactly who is backstage no parents or family members will be allowed backstage. Backstage is a
  • Dancers Only Club
  • Please be sure your child knows the name of their dances.

Summer Dance

11:00 show Dismissal procedure:

The following classes will be dismissed from the front of the stage in the written order. Please have one parent/guardian come to the stage when the class is called. We ask that all other family members please stay back away from the stage. Please send the parent that has been bringing the dancer to class. If your child is in more than one dance they will be dismissed with their class that performed last in the recital. Please note which side of stage to go to (sides are as you are looking at the stage)

Kokomo Creative Movement Friday 4:00 Miss Tracy (right side)
Kokomo Creative Movement Saturday 10:45 Miss Tracy (right side)
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Creative Movement Tuesday 4:45 Miss Tracy (left side)
Cabbage Patch Kids Creative Movement Thursday 10:00 Miss Tracy & Miss Melissa (right side)
Wake Me Up Ballet/Tap Saturday 9:00 Miss Melissa (left side)
Walking On Sunshine Ballet/Tap Monday 5:00 Miss Tracy (right side)
Come Follow the Band Ballet/Tap Tuesday 6:00 Miss Tracy (left side)
Material Girl Jazz/Acro Monday 6:00 Miss Jamie G. (right side)
Hey Mickey Jazz/Acro Saturday 10:15 Miss Melissa (left side)
Kids In America Jazz/Acro Thursday 4:00 Miss Tracy (right side)
Karma Chameleon Jazz/Acro Monday 4:00 Miss Jamie G. (left side)
We Got the Beat Wed 4:00 Ballet/Tap & Don’t Worry Be Happy Jazz/Acro Wed 5:00 Miss Amy & Miss Jamie (right side)

The following classes will be dismissed from the same backstage door the kids get dropped off at before the show.
1. Acro 1/2 Wednesday 4:00 Miss Jamie Graves (This class will be dismissed first)
2. Hip Hop 1/2 Wednesday 5:00 Miss Hannah (This class will be dismissed second)

Comp classes 2b-5B will be dismissed after all recreational dancers have been dismissed.

2:00 Show

The following classes will be dismissed from the front of the stage in the written order after the Act I finale. Please have one parent/guardian come to the stage when the class is called. We ask that all other family members please stay back away from the stage area. Please send the parent that has been bringing the student to class. If your child is in more than one dance they will be dismissed with the class that performed last in the recital.

Cabbage Patch Kids Creative Movement Monday 10:00 Miss Melissa & Miss Jamie
Care Bears Creative Movement Saturday 9:30 Miss Tracy & Miss Lisa
Walking On Sunshine Ballet/Tap Monday 5:00 Miss Tracy
Kids in America Jazz/Acro Thursday 4:00 Miss Tracy
Karma Chameleon Jazz/Acro Monday 4:00 Miss Jamie
After the Grand Finale the following groups will be dismissed in the order written from the front of the stage. We ask that one parent come to the front of the stage and all other family members please exit auditorium and wait for family in hallway or outside. Please note the side of the stage they will be dismissed rom (sides are as you are looking at the stage)

Group A:

Hangin’ Tough Saturday 11:00 Acro 1/2 Saturday 11:00
Acro 1/2 Friday 5:30 (recreational dancers) Miss Jamie
Physical Acro 1/2Thursday 4:00 Miss Jamie
Future So Bright Acro 1/2Wednesday 4:00 Miss Jamie
Wind Beneath My Wings Ballet 1/2Saturday 9:00 Miss Jamie
True Colors Ballet 1/2 Tuesday 4:00 Miss Melissa
Footloose Musical Theater Thursday 6:00 Miss Katie
Thriller Boys Hip Hop Wednesday 6:00 Miss Hannah
Dancing On the Ceiling Tap 1/2 Monday 4:00 Miss Tracy
Somebody Loves You Hip Hop 1 Wednesday 4:00 Miss Hannah
How Will I Know? Hip Hop 1/2 Wednesday 5:00 Miss Hannah
What A Feeling Jazz 1/2 Thursday 5:00 Miss Katie
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Jazz 1/2 Saturday 10:00 Miss Jamie

Group B:

All competitive dancers and level 2/3 dancers will dismiss from the back stage door they were dropped off at.

6:00 Show

There is no Act I finale in this show. All dancers will remain backstage for the duration of the show. All dancers will dismiss from the backstage door they were dropped off at.

Summer Dance

Greendale Dance Academy Annual Dance RecitalGreendale Dance Academy’s Annual Dance Recital is always an exciting time of the year. Dancers have been working on improving all year long and now it’s their time to shine. We are very proud of all the dancers and are looking forward to seeing all of them on stage in just a few short weeks.

We want your recital experience to go smoothly and for you to be informed so that you can enjoy the day with your dancer. Here are some things to help make the recital experience positive. At the bottom is a downloadable copy of the Recital Handbook that you will receive in the mail…just in case it gets misplaced.

Recital Order

Our goal is that every family can see their child dance all of their dances in one show, but not have the recital be 5+ hours long. Even if there is more than one dancer in the family, we still try to get both of their dances in a single show.  That way, you don’t have to buy tickets for multiple recitals just to see your child(ren) dance in all of their dances and you are not stuck in an auditorium for hours and hours. Every year we have been able to make that happen for the majority of families. It’s a challenge and in a small number of instances, impossible. Please know we try our best. But, in order to schedule this way for as many families as we can, your child may have to dance one or more of their dances in a second recital. They are in class with other dancers that may need to dance in one of the other recitals so their family can have the same experience. In this instance, parents will purchase 1 ticket to be at the second show and sometimes the older dancers will simply be dropped off and picked up. If your child’s dance is in the first act, you have the option to leave at intermission. We appreciate your cooperation so every class can perform at their best, in every show.

Summer Dance

Recital Ticket Order Form

Recital TicketAs soon as the recital order is set, we can figure out the maximum number of tickets we can guarantee without selling out. This year it is 6 tickets per family, but you CAN get more. By guaranteeing each family a set number tickets, there is no mad rush or long lines from a ticket sale day. The last time we had a “ticket sale day”, about 10 years ago, the line wrapped around the studio like a Doorbuster sale. It was miserable. With the order form, simply return it before the deadline. This year, it is Saturday, May 14th at 12pm. If you need more than the 6, be sure to make a request on the order form. Extra tickets requests are filled first come first serve, so we do suggest returning your form sooner than later, especially if you need a lot more than the 6. After May 14th, tickets are cash or credit card only.

Recital DVD

DVD’s of the recital are available for purchase. Order forms are included in the mailing or in the office.

Recital Handbook

A recital handbook was mailed home. A link to download is at the very bottom. It has answers to a lot of your questions. Be sure to take a moment to read it over. Below are the highlights.

Recital Information

Be sure to read the Recital Handbook for complete information. These are the highlights only.

Rehearsal Dates: Friday, June 10, 2016 beginning at 4pm. A schedule will be out shortly.

Recital: Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 11am, 2pm & 6pm.

Location: Worcester Technical High School, 1 Skyline Drive, Worcester, MA 01605.

Show Times and Arrival: 11am arrive by 10:30am. 2pm arrive by 1:30pm. 6pm arrive by 5:30pm.

Hair and Makeup: Girls:  Brown eye shadow, black eye liner and mascara, pink or red lipstick and pink blush. Boys: No makeup necessary. Jewelry like rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets & watches are not allowed. Small stud earrings will be allowed. Most dancers need to have their hair in a low bun parted on the right. Creative Movement classes do not need the low bun but should have their hair neat and out of their face.

Costume and Tights: Dancers will arrive dressed in their first costume. Hairpieces and hats MUST be secure. If in a second dance, please send in a bag with all contents in the bag. Our staff will assist with changing. All items need to be labeled with a name. ALL Creative Movement classes will wear Bloch or Capezio White dance tights. All other dancers will wear the Capezio Ultrasoft Caramel (footed or convertible). Dancer’s Boutique will be at the studio on Monday, May 9th from 4pm-7pm and Saturday, May 14th from 9am-12pm. 10% Discount for CASH ONLY purchases.

Summer Dance

Recital Gifts

A vendor will be on site with flowers and other gifts. A portion of the proceeds will benefit a charity.

Recital Portraits

Mike Nyman Photography will be at the studio the week before the recital to take recital portraits. Book your sessions on his website:

We want the recital experience to be positive for both dancers and family. Please be sure to read over the Recital Handbook and if you have any questions, let us know.