Recital Update 6/4/2021

The Recital is TOMORROW!!! We are excited to see everyone and present our first Outdoor Recital. Some important information to know...

HAIR and MAKEUP- A notice went home for each class in their Leotard Bag about their Hair and Makeup.

1:15 SHOWCASE SOLD OUT- If you wish to purchase additional seats for the 1:15 showcase, they will be standing room only outside the tent.

RECITAL TICKETS/WRISTBANDS- Wear your wristbands on either hand, but they must be worn. Based on how many tickets have sold, Most GENERAL ADMISSION tickets will be under tent except for the 1:15pm showcase. We already know there will be a small number of seats outside the tent for the 1:15 show. If you are planning to purchase more tickets, please know they may also be outside the tent. General Admission Tickets are $5. Cash Only. Exact Change Appreciated.

ARRIVAL- PLEASE BE ON TIME. You should plan to arrive so you are in line and your dancer can check in 15 minutes before their showcase. Your dancer should arrive dressed and ready to dance. PLEASE have your dancer use the bathroom ahead of time. Not sure which recital your child is in? Scroll down to the previous update and every class is listed with times. Also, you can search the recital program (see below).

VENUE- The recital will be held at Holden Chapel / Holden Christian Academy, located at:

279 Reservoir Street
Holden, MA 01520

Below is a layout of the grounds. The parking lot will be ONE WAY to help keep everyone safe. GDA Staff will be on hand to help out. There is plenty of parking. Handicap Parking is available.

We are asking families in the 11am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm and 6:15pm showcases to park in the lower parking lots and the 11:45am, 1:15pm, 2:45pm and 4:45 to park in the upper parking lots.

Recital Grounds


RECITAL PROGRAMS- will be ONLINE this year. We are not only going green, we want to preserve the venue grounds by not leaving behind any litter. You can view and download a copy of the Recital Program here: DOWNLOAD RECITAL PROGRAM HERE

Recital Program

AFTER THE SHOW- If your child is in 1 showcase, you will exit the tent to your left. Please send only 1 parent (preferably the one the parent that drops off and picks up at dance)  to the Dancer Pickup area. Your child will be dismissed from there. Please exit to the field quickly so we can clean for the next showcase.

If your child is in more than 1 showcase AND that showcase is immediately after, one parent should go to the dismissal area for your child and bring them a drink and a snack, the rest of your family will exit to the right and their wrist bands will be checked.. After we clean, your dancer will return backstage and you will be able to return to your seats.

If your child is in more than 1 showcase but that showcase is later in the day, you will exit to your left, pickup your dancer from the dismissal area, and return 15 minutes prior to their next showcase.

MASKS- Masks will be optional if you are fully vaccinated and required if you are not. Dancers MUST wear their mask backstage and will be allowed to take it off when they dance. Parents, PLEASE tell your dancers if they should dance with their mask on or off before they go backstage. If they are dancing with their mask on, it should be black except for one creative movement class that was told differently.

HANDICAP PARKING- Handicap parking is available. The tent is on a field about 50' from the edge of the parking lot.

PHOTOS AND VIDEO- Feel free to take as many photos and videos as you like. Families that purchased the upfront seating will receive a download link of their child's recital dance. Audience members MUST remain seated at all times and may not leave their seat to "get a better photo". Thank you.

This recital has presented many challenges, as has this entire year. But we are working around the clock to get ready for this recital. Please be sure to thank the volunteers for their time and help. And know that while we have planned for everything we can think of, we know there will be things we didn't plan for. Please be patient. We will do our best to make it right.

SUMMER DANCE - There is still time to register. Look for updates. We will be opening up additional classrooms.

Hi Everyone,

Recital 2021 is here. Below is some general information about recital day. You will receive a RECITAL CONFIRMATION email shortly for each class your child(ren) is in and we included the entire day schedule below for reference as well. Most dancers will be in only 1 showcase. Some dancers will be in multiple, but you will not need to buy multiple tickets. Your ticket will be valid for every show that your child(ren) is in. However, if you plan to watch another dancer that is not your own, you will need to exit and purchase an additional ticket.

The Recital will go on Rain or Shine
There are NO REFUNDS for tickets.
June 5, 2021
Holden Chapel
279 Reservoir St
Holden, MA

With the new guidance, we will be able to have more seats under the tent. We are keeping the same pricing and guarantees as before but we can now move all of the guaranteed seats up to the first 4 rows in front of the stage.

Every account will be guaranteed 2 seats, under the tent, in the first 4 rows closest to the stage and a digital download of your child’s dance. Chairs will be setup in pairs with space between each pair. COST: $40 total

There will be only a couple of showcases where there will be additional seats up front available. Inquire in the office if there are extras for your child’s show. Those seats will only be sold in pairs. COST: $25/pair

General Admission tickets starting at row 5 and all seats outside the tent will be first come first serve with no limit on how many can be purchased. Chairs will be in rows with an aisle down the middle. NOTE: The recital is rain or shine and there are no refunds for purchased tickets if your seats are outside of the tent. COST: $5 each

Infants and toddlers under 2 may sit on a parent lap. If you plan on them sitting in a seat, they will need a ticket. There will not be room for strollers under the tent. All others need a ticket for the recital.

If you have siblings dancing in different shows, we will include a wrist band for them to watch at no cost.

ORDERING RECITAL TICKETS- will begin on Wednesday, 5/19 and end on Saturday 5/29 at 12pm. To make the process quick and smooth, return the attached order form with cash or check to the office. (We will have extra forms at pickup and dismissal). We will take care of the rest, email you a receipt and let you know when your tickets are ready for pickup.


Recital Ticket Order Form

Recital Ticket Order Form

In order to pickup your tickets, your account balance will need to be paid in full if it’s not already.

MASKS - We encourage ALL family members to wear masks at the recital. However we will be following the state guidelines which are as follows: If you are fully vaccinated, masks will not be required. If you are NOT vaccinated, a mask is REQUIRED. Dancers backstage will be required to have a mask on but will be able to take it off (optional) when they perform so they can brighten everyone’s day with their smiles.

SHOWCASE TIMES- Each showcase will have a finale and awards for the dancers. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before the start of your child’s showcase. At the conclusion of each showcase, families will be asked to exit so we can fog the chairs and stage.

11:00am All Creative Movement Classes

11:45am All Combo Classes (Jazz/Acro Ballet/Tap)

12:30pm Hip Hop 1 Tues 6:15, Tap 1 Wed 5pm, Ballet 1 Sat 9am, Jazz 1 Sat 10am & Musical Theater Mon 4pm (Studio C- Peter Pan)

1:15pm Acro 1 Mon 5pm, Acro 1 Sat 11am, Acro 1 Thurs 6pm, Acro 1 Wed 6pm & Acro 1 Wed 4pm

2:00pm Ballet 1 Thurs 4pm, Jazz 1 Thurs 5pm, Musical Theater 1 Sat 11am, Tap 1 Mon 4pm & Musical Theater 1/2 Mon 4pm (Studio B- Nicest Kids In Town)

2:45pm Hip 1 Thurs 4pm (Studio A), Hip Hop 1 Thurs 4pm (Studio D), Hip Hop 2 Thurs 5pm & Acro 2 Thurs 7pm

3:30pm Hip Hop H Tues 4:15pm, Jazz C Fri 5pm, Jazz H Fri 5pm, Lyrical H Mon 6pm, Mus Theater MH Tues 5:15, Tap C Fri 6pm, Tap H Fri 6pm, Comp Combo Fri 4pm & Hip Hop 1 Boys Wed 6pm

4:45pm Ballet M Mon 5pm, Ballet S Mon 6pm, Hip Hop AS Thur 6:15, Hip Hop M Wed 4pm, Jazz M Tues 7:15, Jazz S Wed 7pm, Lyrical AM Mon 6pm, Lyrical S Tues 5:15pm, Musical Theater AS Wed 6pm, Musical Theater MH Tues 5:15pm, Tap AS Thurs 5:15pm, Tap M Tues 6:15pm, Ballet A Wed 7pm & Jazz A Wed 5pm.

6:15pm Acro N Wed 7pm, Ballet O Mon 7pm, Cont N Tues 8:15pm, Hip Hop N 6:15pm, Hip Hop O Thur 7:15pm, Jazz N Tues 7:15pm, Jazz O Thurs 8:15pm, Lyrical N Thur 8:15pm, Lyrical O Mon 8pm, Musical Theater IN Wed 8pm, Musical Theater O Wed 7pm, Pointe Wed 6pm, Tap IN Thur 7:15pm, Tap O Thur 6:15pm, Ballet I Wed 5pm, Jazz I Tues 4:15pm, Lyrical I Tues 5:15pm, Ballet 2 Wed 4pm &Lyrical 2 Tues 7:15pm

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