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In the next couple of days you will receive 2 important emails - Please watch for them:

Your child’s RECITAL CONFIRMATION REPORT detailing which show your dancer is performing.

Priority Access For Recital Ticket Purchase Is Limited To Account Holders At This Time

The Recital Confirmation Report will show which of the 3 shows your child is in. You will only receive the  Ticket Purchase Code email IF your account is paid in full.

11am - Creative Movement & Combo Classes
2pm - Level 1 Classes
5pm - Level 2 Classes & Competition Team

Recital Confetti

ABOUT THE RECITAL-The recital is a showcase of all the dancers at GDA. We celebrate their hard work in three shows.
-The 11:00 show will end around 12:30pm with no intermission. The 2pm show will end around 3:30pm. The 5:00pm recital will end at approximately 7:30pm with a brief intermission.
-Please note that the dancers must arrive 30 minutes prior to their recital. ALL dancers & parents must leave the auditorium between shows.
-If you are new to GDA, please know that we expect that you will be in the audience for the entire act. Our recitals are like a professional theatrical performance. For your enjoyment and the enjoyment of the entire audience please remain seated, but if you must leave, please do so ONLY between dances (during the applause) and return ONLY between dances.
-Good Luck to all of you. It's been a great year. If you have any questions please call the office or check online.

RECITAL LINEUP ORDER - View your recital dance order on the website under Latest News when available.

RECITAL LOCATION- Worcester Technical High School, 1 Ofc. Manny Familia Way, Worcester, MA 01605. This beautiful facility offers comfortable seating, handicap access, air conditioning, convenient parking and more. The Recital will be held on Saturday, June 8th. There will be no rehearsal.

ATTENDANCE – Recital dances are being prepared for the recital. Since there is no rehearsal, your child’s perfect attendance from now until the recital is necessary.
- Your child is given a limited number of missed classes during the year. If your child exceeds that number in these final weeks before the recital, their recital participation could be jeopardized.

Worcester Technical High School Auditorium

RECITAL Saturday, June 8th, 2024   11:00am show arrive by 10:30am        2pm show arrive by 1:30pm     5:00pm show arrive by 4:30pm
- Creative Movement & Combo Classes are in the 11am show. Level 1 at 2pm. Level 2 and Competition Team* in the 5pm show. A limited number of competition dances will perform at all 3 shows.
- Dancers should come dressed in their 1st costume with hair and make-up done.
- Parents are not allowed backstage. A GDA Assistant Teacher will bring your child from the foyer to the backstage area. If your child is in more than one dance, there will be GDA staff available to provide assistance. We want you to relax and enjoy the show
- On recital day, please plan ahead. We suggest arriving 30 minutes before the recital start time to drop off a dancer and 20 minutes prior for family members that are coming to watch..
- All Creative Movement and Combo Class dancers will be dismissed from the stage at the conclusion. ONE parent only please come to the front of the stage to pick up your child. We ask that this be a parent that our staff knows well.
- For all other dancers, the staff will direct you to the pickup area in the lobby. Dancers will wait in that area for their parents. Dancers should not leave the building without parental supervision.
- This is a Family Event with most of the staff made up of volunteers and polite behavior is expected. Arguing with other patrons, staff, police, etc. or swearing will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the premises and/or dismissal from the studio.
- Please be kind and put trash in the designated containers.

Fancy nancy dancer at summer danceHAIR & MAKEUP - Most dancers need to have their hair in a low bun parted in the center. Watch a youtube on Center Part Low Bun Hair here. Creative Movement classes do not need the low bun but should have their hair neat and out of their face.  (Competition Dancers wear as you did for comp).
- Make up:(Girls) Brown eyeshadow, black eyeliner and mascara, pink or red lipstick and pink blush (Competition dancers wear as you have done for comp). (Boys) make up is not necessary
- Sparkle glitter makeup and hair sprays are fine.
- Jewelry - rings, necklaces, bracelets & watches are not allowed.  Small stud earrings will be allowed.
- NO nail polish 

COSTUMES - Label ALL your belongings. Greendale Dance Academy and the recital venue will not be responsible for lost items.  Even with names on items we will not guarantee a return of lost items.
- All hairpieces should be attached to a barrette and secured on the dancer’s head. Most headpieces will go on the dancer's right side of their head. 
- All hats should be attached with bobby pins.
- For girls, NO underwear (that’s what tights are for). 

Special Notes to the parents of our youngest dancers: We ask that parents of these dancers dress their children in their recital costumes with shoes and hair pieces. Makeup and hair must be done. We ask that the children bring NOTHING extra with them. Our staff and all of our assistant teachers are backstage to keep your dancers entertained. We will provide crayons, games and activities. If dancers have more than one dance they may carry their second costume on a hanger with a zip lock bag containing their shoes, tights and hair piece for that second dance. A GARMET BAG will help. We also ask that these dancers use the bathrooms just before coming backstage.

TIGHTS for Girls –ALL Creative Movement classes will wear Bloch or Capezio White dance tights. 
- All other dancers will wear the Capezio Caramel 1900 series  (footed or convertible) Take feet out of convertibles for lyrical and acro.
- It is imperative that you purchase the exact tight (color and brand) listed above. Order your tights from a local dance store. If you purchase them from Amazon or another online site, you will most likely receive the WRONG pair. DANCER’S BOUTIQUE WILL BE AT GDA 5/8 from 4pm-7pm. 
- WOW Dancewear in Auburn or Dancer’s Boutique in Fitchburg will be able to help with purchasing tights.
- It is recommended that dancers have a spare pair of tights for each dance.

- Parents are not allowed backstage.
- Dancers in more than one dance can wear a nude color leotard for costume changes (called an overunder)
- Food and drinks are NOT allowed.  Water ONLY - clear bottles so the venue staff knows it is water.  Label your bottle.
- Dancer should not bring jewelry or anything of value backstage. GDA will not be responsible for any lost items.

Recital Tickets 2023

- *ONLINE TICKETS SALES* beginning 5/10 at 4:30pm.
- Our Recital is open to family and friends.
-General Admission. There are no assigned seats.
- May tuition, any late fees and all other balances MUST be paid prior to purchasing tickets. Once your balance has been paid, you will receive your access code by email shortly. Pay your balance by cash or card to receive your code the quickest. Codes will be held for check payments for 5 days until the check clears.
- There will be a $25.00 charge for all returned checks.
-Sale begins Wednesday, May 10 at 4:30pm. You will receive an email with an access code to purchase tickets online. ONLY ACCOUNTS THAT ARE FULLY PAID FOR THE YEAR WILL RECEIVE AN ACCESS CODE. Please… if your account is not paid in full, your child will not be allowed to dance in the recital. This will be  very embarrassing to both your child and us. Please do not put your child or us in that situation.
-Print your tickets or have them on your mobile device for scanning. Sharing tickets will result in denied entrance. Each person needs their own ticket. All tickets are connected to your email and dancer.
- Tickets are $21 plus processing fees.
- Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE and we are not responsible for lost tickets.
- Limited tickets will be available at the door.
- There are no Guaranteed tickets. Be sure to purchase your tickets early in the event of a sell out there will not be additional tickets available.
- Due to strict state and local fire regulations, everyone entering the auditorium will need a ticket. This includes infants and guests in wheelchairs. 
- If you need to leave for any reason, a Hand Stamp is required for re-entry (NO EXCEPTIONS).
- Dancers dancing in the show do not need a ticket as they will be watching from backstage. All other patrons entering the auditorium need a ticket.

Q: What if I used my access code already and now I NEED MORE TICKETS?
A: Send us an email. We can help.

- All seats are general admission and EVERY seat provides a prime view of the stage.
- Wheelchair and audience members who require assistance will be seated about 10 minutes prior to the doors opening.  Only one friend or family member may escort them to their seats. Staff reserve the right to limit the number or location of seats saved by early seating.
- The doors will open approximately 30 minutes before show time.
- Food, drinks, and smoking are NOT allowed in the auditorium.
Please Note: When you enter the auditorium there may be seats reserved for staff members. Since many of them also work at the recital, please respect their hard work by leaving their seats open when finding a seat.

VIDEO AND PICTURES – No need to take a video of your child’s dance, we will provide each registered account with a professional recorded video for free. We understand many phones have incredible picture and video capabilities. We ask that you are respectful of those around you by remaining seated at all times (No, it is not ok to stand up or stand in the aisle to get a better picture), keeping your phone at eye level, turning down the brightness and turning off all external lighting or flash. 

RECITAL PORTRAITS- Mike Nyman will be on site offering recital portraits. Capture your dancer in their beautiful costume. If booking before your child's show be sure to leave enough time to get your child backstage on time (30 minutes prior to show time). Book a time here:

– Please park in designated areas only. There is a parking garage located close to the entrance. 
- DO NOT park in fire lanes or other restricted areas.
- Please leave ample time to park and find your seats. Arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the recital.

***All information subject to change. Please see the office or our website for the most up to date information.***

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