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Sarah Soltys Alice in Wonderland Greendale Dance Academy
Sarah Soltys Teaching Dance

Sarah Soltys ’16

[fblike] Sarah Soltys danced at Greendale Dance Academy for 13 years, most of them competitively, and graduated from SPM in 2016. She is proud that while at SPM she helped transition the dance team from a dance company to a competitive varsity sport.

Sarah just completed her first year at Western New England University in Springfield MA with an Exploratory Business Major focusing in management and marketing.

Sarah Soltys first dance recital.

Sarah’s first recital.

She wanted to continue with dance after GDA and was hired at Impressions Academy of Dance in Agawam, MA as a ballet/technique teacher for ages 6-14. She says, “The best part about teaching is watching how each child learns a different way and develops at different speeds. When they progress it feels like I have been successful and that I have accomplished something that will benefit my student’s dance career.” Sarah continues, “I was also given the opportunity to choreograph a duo and a trio right away and have been able to watch them improve and succeed through competing.” Sarah’s routines have been awarded places in the top 10 overall categories and have received judges awards for choreography, technique, and performance.

Sarah Soltys performing in Disney World with Greendale Dance Academy

Dancing in Disney World

We asked Sarah what she considers her greatest accomplishment while at GDA and she said, “I have two. One was being able to perform in Walt Disney World twice and the other was being chosen as Alice when we performed Alice in Wonderland on the cruise ship to Bermuda.

We also asked Sarah for a piece of advice to pass on to current dancers and she said, “If I could tell dancers one thing I wish I knew when I was in their shoes it would be to put a lot of your focus into those technique classes that are required because they are required for a reason, to help you improve, and I didn’t understand the importance that those classes served early on.

Great job Sarah! Thank you for taking a moment to check in with us!


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