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Miss Amy’s Gymnastics Debut

[fblike]Miss Amy Renzoni has been a Greendale Dance Academy dance teacher since 2000. She is busy with 6 children, ages 6, 7, 9, 12, 20 and almost 21! Because of her children’s activities, she is not at the studio as often as she would like, but loves to be involved and there as much as she can!

Miss Amy’s passion for dance began at a young age. Even though she started off as a gymnast, she went on to win overall high scores while a student at Charlotte Klein and she traveled to national Dance Masters of America competitions in Orlando and NYC. While at Holy Name high school, she was a competitive cheerleader.

Teacher Miss Amy as a Cheerleader

Miss Amy as a Holy Name Cheerleader.

After high school, she began teaching dance while in college and soon became a member of the “Marauder Magic”. That was a Dance Team for the Arena football team in Worcester known as the Mass Marauders.

She says her favorite style of dance went from tap as an elementary school student, jazz as middle and high school student to ballet as an adult, which is still her favorite! She says, “Sometimes I will still put pointe shoes on in class from time to time!”

We asked her about the best part of being a dance teacher and she said, “I love to teach young dancers as well as the older ones. Anyone who wants to learn. Little is more fulfilling than to see a dancer have something “click” and see their face light up when a little tweak of something makes a big difference.”

Amy Family

The Renzoni Family

Teacher Miss Amy in a Dance costumeBetween raising 6 kids and being a dance teacher for 24 years, she has seen a lot! She told us, “All 6 (3 girls, 3 boys) have danced at one time or another, whether out of a shared joy or just because they figured that’s what we do. My two youngest are just starting their comp careers; my oldest is still dancing in college and teaching dance at UDA Camps; and my three boys love sports with my oldest boy working for his father at his business Patriot Fence Company. I see dance as both a sport and an art. Which is why dance worked so well for me…my father’s family are athletes and my mothers family are creative/artistic. In fact, Maria, my oldest daughter, texted me recently thanking me for signing her up for dance. That made my day!  I told her to thank her grandmother, too, since she’s the one who signed me up first!”

“I teach because I love to dance.”

Lastly, we asked her for the one thing she wants dancers to know about her,  “If I could share one thing with a student, it’s that they see my passion. I teach because I love to dance. I love how the music drives my choreography, how dance makes me feel and how all stress disappears when I’m in the dance studio. I always say so many life lessons are learned through dance. Good ones and tough ones.”

Thank you Miss Amy for sharing and for being with GDA for 17 years!!

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