Dance Activities 3/19

[fblike]Please feel free to share this activity page. With our schools closed and students adjusting to remote learning, it’s important that they keep moving, get some fresh air and stay healthy all while social distancing. We hope these links help provide that. Parents too… Try to find time every day to stay active! Keep Dancing!

TOMORROW– We will have some ideas for increasing flexibility and getting your splits!

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Freeze Dance Warmup

Who doesn’t love Freeze Dance? Get ready to warmup with this fun Freeze Dance video.

Elsa Frozen Ballet Class Ages 3+

Join Elsa for a ballet class.

Miss Jamie G. Jazz/Acro Mini Class Ages 5-7

Join Miss Jamie and her trusted assistant K & J for a Jazz/Acro warmup and mini-class. Please subscribe to our YouTube Chanel.

How To Do The Wu Tang

You may not remember the Wu Tang, but your parents will! Check this out!

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Dance Activities

Recital Practice Coloring Page

Shuffle Practice Coloring Page