Dance Activities 3/26

[fblike]We are into Week 2 of dance activities and know that schools will be shut down for one more week after this. We will continue to provide these Daily Dance Activities AND Bedtime Stories LIVE with Miss Melissa. We are now Live on YouTube AND Facebook! In addition, we are rolling out Online Classes with ZOOM. You will receive an email with what classes are available and directions on how to connect. It will be fun to see each other again, even if it’s online 🙂

Keep sending pics and videos of your backyard obstacle course… with your parent’s permission of course!

Latest News

Kidz Bop Dance Warmup to HIGH HOPES

Freeze Dance

Activity Sheets

Coloring page

Download the coloring sheet here.

Send us your completed coloring sheet and you might see it on Bedtime Stories LIVE with Miss Melissa at 7pm!

Easy Ballet Warmup

20 Minute Hip Hop Class

Uptown Funk Tap Dance

Uptown Funk Tap with Music

Free Online Classes

Dance Alone Together

A Collection Of Many Free Classes Offered TODAY! Updated Daily.


Great classes, Especially for the intermediate/advanced students and competition team.