Recital Trophies, Senior Awards and Virtual Recital Information

Virtual Recital


We apologize for the late notice, but we wanted to make sure all of our “i”‘s were dotted and”t’s crossed. The trophies literally just arrived and the virtual recital is virtually complete. Here are the plans…

There is a lot below… but in a nutshell you need to know…

Thursday 6/11 – Year in Rehearsal Night Slideshow – 7pm –

Friday 6/12 – Trophy Pick Up Last Names A-K 5pm-8pm

Saturday 6/13 – Trophy Pick Up Last Names L-Z 9am-12pm

Saturday 6/13 – Senior Awards, Gifts and Scholarship Award for Families 12:30pm

Saturday 6/13 – Virtual Recital Premiere at 1pm until midnight on

Rehearsal Night Slide Show

Join us Tomorrow Night (Thursday – 6/11) at 7pm for a special Rehearsal Night Slideshow on our YouTube channel:

This short slideshow will feature pictures we took throughout the year up until quarantine. 

Trophy Pickup

Yes, there will be trophies this year. We know this is very important to many of the dancers and has been a recital tradition. We will be dividing the trophy pickup into 2 sessions. We were planning for Thursday, but it looks like there might be some storms around so we will move to Friday from 5pm-8pm for last names beginning with A-K and Saturday 9am-12pm for last names beginning L-Z. If you are picking up for dancers with different last names just let us know when you arrive. There is no need to come through twice on different days.


Pick up will take place in the main parking lot. You will pull in and will be directed to one of 3 lines depending on how busy it gets. Please have a sign with your dancer’s LAST name to hold up. If you have more than one dancer, please note that too (For example: x2 or list their first names). This helps us find your child’s trophy quickly. We will hand you the trophy and you will exit by turning RIGHT out of the exit. We will be wearing masks and gloves and can put trophies in your trunk or back seat if you prefer.

NOTE: We have 5th, 10th and 15th year trophies for dancers that responded to our online form. If you did not fill out the form, we did not order one for your child and will not have one for you at this time.

Senior Awards and Gifts

For our graduating seniors, we would like to have you and your immediate family come on Saturday, June 13th, 12:30pm for a quick ceremony outside to receive your trophy and senior gift. The Kuczarski’s will also present their annual scholarship at this time as well. We will have you park and spread out in the parking lot. Masks are encouraged.

Virtual Recital Premiere

We are both excited and saddened by the Virtual Recital concept. We really wanted to be together for our 26th Annual Dance Recital. But the dancers looked great on Zoom and we are very excited to Premiere our Virtual Recital on Saturday.

There is 1 video for each day of the week. Match up which day your child dances with the videos. We will premiere all 6 videos (Monday-Saturday) and the Slideshow Finale this Saturday, June 13th at 1pm on our YouTube Channel,  – Please be sure to subscribe to the channel ahead of time (not required) and ring the Notification Bell to be notified of new videos we post. These videos will be up on Saturday from 1pm until midnight for your viewing. So if your child dances on multiple days, you can go back and watch them all during the day. Beginning Sunday, the videos will come down from YouTube and individual dances will be available in your Parent Portal account for download until June 30th. 

NOTE: YouTube may mute the audio on your child’s dance. Some songs they will not play. If you don’t hear any audio, that is why. But your download will be complete. 

NOTE: There will not be a recital video this year so be sure to download your videos.

NOTE: Competition Families- we will not be sharing competition videos unless they were Zoom recordings. 

Through all of this we sincerely hope that you have been happy with our decisions, our communication and our dedication to your children. We wanted our decisions to be based on the latest information and what made the most sense at the time, we wanted you to have clear information so you could count us for consistency and we wanted to provide normalcy for the dancers who are living through a historic period of time with unthinkable challenges. Thank you for all of your kind words and emails offering encouragement and pictures of your kids embracing the activities, bedtime stories and zoom classes. Many came on days where quite honestly, we were pretty down and didn’t know if the studio would still be open to have a virtual recital. And thank you to our staff that adapted to this new normal so quickly and made the best out of the situation. Thank you!

We look forward to seeing you on Friday and Saturday and we hope you enjoy our Virtual Recital videos, premiering on YouTube, Saturday at 1pm.


Miss Melissa