Competition Team Results – GuiDANCE – Bellingham

[fblike] Our first competition of the 2021-2022 season was the guiDANCE Experience Regional Dance Competition held at Bellingham High School on March 12, 2022.

*We did our best to get every award. Please send us any corrections or anything we missed.



I just wanted to let you know how much I loved the GuiDANCE experience!



Competition was so fun and I am very thankful to be on the team.”



What a great competition yesterday!



Great job yesterday! Everyone was amazing!”


Studio Awards

Acrobatic Arts Scholarship Award
Discover Dance Scholarship Award
Most Well-Rounded Dance Studio Award


Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ – **Jr. Title Winner** Platinum, Shining Star Judges Award, The Jamn Camp Scholarship, 1st Overall Jr. Pre-professional Solos

Top Secret Personal Beeswax– High Gold, 1st Overall Jr. Apprentice Solos

Genie – **Pre-Teen Title Winner** Platinum, 1st Overall Pre-teen Pre-professional Solos

Wings – **1st Runner Up Pre-Teen Title** Platinum, 2nd Overall Pre-teen Pre-professional Solos

Birdsong – **2nd Runner Up Pre-Teen Title** Platinum, 3rd overall Pre-teen Pre-professional solos 

Always Remember Us This Way – **1st Runner Up Senior Title** Platinum, 2nd Overall Senior Pre-professional Solos – STUDENT CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD –

Wind chimes – Platinum – 6th Overall Teen Pre-professional solos

How Does A Moment Last Forever – Platinum, Music To Our Eyes Judges Award, 5th Overall Teen Pre-professional Solos

Three – Platinum – 7th Overall Teen Pre-Professional Solos

Smooth Criminal – Platinum – 8th Overall Teen Pre-professional Solos

Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That – **2nd Runner Up Senior Title** Platinum, The Jamn Camp Scholarship, 3rd Overall Senior Pre-professional Solos

Remember – **3rd Runner Up Senior Title** Platinum, 4th Overall Senior Pre-Professional Solos

Castle – Platinum, 6th Overall Senior Pre-professional Solos 

Quixote – Platinum, Captivating Judges Award, 7th Overall Senior Pre-professional Solos

The World Needs You – High Gold – Spirit Swag Award, 10th Overall Senior Pre-Professional Solos

Tainted Love – High Gold, 11th Overall Senior Pre-professional Solos

This Little Light of Mine – Platinum – Judges Technique Award 

Ashes – High Gold

Cover Girl – High Gold

Everybody Wants To Rule The World – High Gold

Footprints In The Sand – High Gold

I Hope You Dance – High Gold

I Will Be – High Gold

Queen Of Pop – High Gold

Piano – High Gold

Roses and Violets – High Gold

Runaway Baby – High Gold

Soldier – High Gold

This Is Not Goodbye – High Gold


Don’t You Worry About A Thing – High Gold, 1st Overall Pre-teen Pre-professional  Duo/Trio

Humble And Kind – High Gold, Spirit Swag Award, 2nd Overall Pre-teen Pre-professional Duo/Trios

A Spoonful Of Sugar – Platinum, 1st Overall Teen Pre-professional Duo/Trios

Move A Little Faster – High Gold, 4th Overall Teen Pre-professional Duo/Trios

Water – Platinum, 1st Overall Senior Pre-professional Duo/Trios 

Whenever You Remember – Platinum, 2nd Overall Senior Pre-professional Duo/Trios


One Short Day – Platinum – 1st Overall Pre-teen Pre-professional Small Group 

Give Me The Simple Life – Platinum – Clean As A Whistle Award, 1st Overall Pre-teen Pre-professional Large Group

Show Yourself – Platinum, Spirit Swag Award, 2nd Overall Pre-teen Pre-professional Large Group 

The Entourage – High Gold – 3rd Overall Pre-teen Pre-professional Large Group 

Sparkling Diamonds – High Gold – Jazz Style Award, 1st Pre-teen Pre-professional Lines

Stampede – Platinum, 1st Teen Pre-professional Large Group 

Jet Set – High Gold, Musical Theater Style Award, 2nd Teen Pre-professional Large Group 

Beggin’ – High Gold, Tap Style Award, 3rd Teen Pre-professional Large Group

Fireball – Platinum, Acro Style Award, 1st Teen Pre-professional Lines

Secrets – Platinum, Music To Our Eyes Award, Open Style Award, 1st Senior Pre-professional Small Group

Open Hands – Platinum, 1st Senior Pre-professional Large Group 

Transform Ya – Platinum, Hip Hop Style Award, 2nd Senior Pre-professional  Large Group 

Party – Platinum, 3rd Senior Pre-professional Large Group

Beautiful Life – High Gold

Crazy Little Thing Called Love – High Gold

Cathedrals – High Gold

Fire Under My Feet – High Gold

Got It In You – High Gold

It’s Time To Dance – Platinum, Entertainment Award

Lose Control – High Gold, Hip Hop Style Award

Niki Minaj – High Gold

My Room – High Gold

Santo Domingo – High Gold

The Garden – High Gold, Open Style Award

The Name Game – High Gold

The Scientist – High Gold

Work For It – High Gold