Competition Team Results – Diva Dance Awards – Great Wolf Lodge

Diva Dance Competition Awards from the Fitchburg, MA regional competition at Great Wolf Lodge. Big competition… Lots of great studios. Last one of the season for GDA! Great Job Competition Team Dancers! And Thank You both dancers and parents for a great competition season!!

Cruisin For A Bruisin – Ultimate Sapphire – Elite Petite Title

Life Is A Fairytale – Sapphire – 1st Place Petite Apprentice Large Groups 

Top Secret Personal Beeswax – Sapphire – 3rd Place Petite Apprentice Solo

Don’t You Worry About A Thing – Sapphire – 1st Place Junior Corps Duo/Trios

Work For It – Ultimate Diamond – 2nd Place Junior Corps Duo/Trios

Give Me The Simple Life – Sapphire – 3rd Place Junior Corps Large Group

Beggin – Sapphire – Judges Choice Special Recognition Award,  2nd Place Teen Elite Large Group

The Garden – Sapphire – 1st Place Senior Corps Large Groups 

Open Hands – Sapphire – 3rd Place Senior Elite Large Group

Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That –  Sapphire

Always Remember Us This Way – Sapphire

Ashes – Ultimate Diamond

Beautiful Life – Sapphire 

Birdsong – Sapphire 

Castle – Sapphire

Cathedrals – Sapphire 

Cover Girl – Ultimate Diamond – Fierce Fire Performer Judges Award

Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Ultimate Diamond 

Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Ultimate Diamond 

Fireball – Sapphire, Power Pack Judges Award

Fire Under My Feet – Sapphire

Footprints In The Sand – Sapphire 

Genie – Sapphire 

Got It In You – Ultimate Diamond 

How Does A Moment Last Forever – Sapphire

Humble And Kind – Sapphire

I Hope You Dance – Sapphire

I Will Be – Sapphire

It’s Time To Dance – Sapphire

Jet Set – Sapphire 

Lose Control – Ultimate Diamond 

Move A Little Faster – Ultimate Diamond

My Room – Sapphire

Name Game – Ultimate Diamond

Nicki Minaj – Ultimate Diamond 

One Short Day – Sapphire 

Party – Sapphire

Piano – Ultimate Diamond

Queen Of Pop – Sapphire

Quixote – Ultimate Diamond

Remember – Sapphire

Roses and Violets – Ultimate Diamond

Runaway Baby – Sapphire

Santo Domingo – Ultimate Diamond

Secrets – Ultimate Sapphire – Amazing Execution Judges Award

Show Yourself – Ultimate Diamond

Smooth Criminal – Sapphire

Soldier – Ultimate Diamond

Sparkling Diamonds – Sapphire

Spoonful Of Sugar – Sapphire – Special Recognition Award

Stampede – Sapphire

Tainted Love – Ultimate Diamond

The Entourage – Sapphire

The Scientist – Ultimate Diamond

The World Needs You – Sapphire

This Is Not Goodbye – Sapphire

This Little Light Of Mine – Ultimate Diamond 

Three – Ultimate Diamond 

Transform Ya – Sapphire

Water – Ultimate Sapphire

Whenever You Remember – Sapphire

Wind chimes – Sapphire

Wings – Sapphire