GuiDANCE Competition – Bellingham 2023

Guidance Dance Competition 2023 Bellingham
Guidance Experience Dance Competition

Greendale Dance Academy and Duval Dance and Music Academy dancers.Another great weekend of competing! Friday night’s classes were amazing and the dancers didn’t disappoint on Saturday. It was also SO nice to catch up with our friends from Duval Dance and Music Academy of Scituate. Short turn around and back at it again next weekend.


Awards from the weekend are below:

**Most Well Rounded Studio Award**

**Rhythm Works Integrated Dance Scholarship**

21 Platinum – 33 High Gold

Hairspray – Platinum

I Want It All – High Gold

Love – Platinum, 2nd Jr Pre-Professional Groups

Bond – Platinum, 1st Pre-Professional Pre-Teen Duo/Trios

Make Way – total Package Award, Platinum, 1st Teen Pre Professional Lines

Fun Fun Fun – High Gold, 1st Apprentice Large Groups

Ice Cream Freeze – High Gold, 1st tot Apprentice Groups

Girls – Platinum

Arabian Nights – Platinum

Firework – High Gold

Hit Me Up – High Gold

Respect – Dynamic Duo, Platinum, 1st Junior Pre-Professional Duo Trios

Fur Elise Jam – Terrific Taps Award, Platinum, 2nd Pre-Professional Teen Lines

Startin’ Somethin’ – High Gold

Rescue – Excellent Emotion Award, Platinum

Night At The Boutique – Platinum

Criminal – High Gold, Hip Hop Choreography Award

Thunder – Artist and Athlete Award, Platinum, Jazz Choreography Award, 1st Pre-Professional Senior Groups

Let Me Go – High Gold

Back To Bootcamp – Platinum

Shelter – Prop Professionalism Award, High Gold

Burnin’ Up – High Gold

Keep It Real – Platinum, 1st Overall Junior Pre-Professional Solos, Junior Title Winner, Guidance Scholarship

Fix My Crown – High Gold

It’s All About Me – High Gold

Dancing My Way – High Gold, Terrific Tapper Award, 5th Overall Pre-Teen Pre Professional Solos

Standing In The Middle Of The Field – High Gold

Wondering – Platinum, artist and athlete Award, 1st Pre-Teen Pre-Professional Solos, Pre-Teen Title Winner

The Voice Within – Platinum, 3rd Pre-Teen Pre-Professional Solos, Free Scholarship Solo

Mermaid – Platinum, Total Powerhouse Award, 4th Pre-Teen Pre-Professional Solos, Pre-Teen Solos

Girls -4th Overall Junior Pre-Professional Solos

I Wish – High Gold

Toxic – High Gold, 12th Overall Teen Pre-Professional Solos, Guidance Scholarship

Sign Of The Times – High Gold

Moment – Platinum, Artist And Athlete Award, 2nd Teen Pre-Professional Solos

The Words They Say – High Gold, Choreography Award, 4th Overall Teen Pre-Professional Duo/trio

Wherever You Will Go – High Gold, 3rd Overall Teen Pre-Professional Duo/Trios, Guidance Scholarship

If Only You Knew – High Gold

Find A Way – High Gold, 10th Teen Pre-Professional Solos

Working For The Knife – High Gold

Black And Gold – High Gold

Haunted Heart – High Gold

It’s Raining Men – High Gold

North – Platinum, technical talent Award, 9th Teen Pre-Professional Solos

A Million Dreams – High Gold

Glam – High Gold

Leave A Light On – Platinum, 2nd Overall Teen Pre-Professional Duo/Trios

Mercy – High Gold

River Flows In You – Platinum, 5th senior Pre-Professional Solos

Come Together – Platinum, Entertainer Award, 2nd Senior Pre-Professional Solos

Marilyn Monroe – High Gold

Back To Oz – High Gold, 2nd senior Pre-Professional Duo/Trios

Love In The Dark – High Gold, Emotional Execution Award

Rivers And Roads – High Gold, Concentration and Connection Award

Bridge Over Troubled Water – High Gold

Pictures from The GuiDANCE Experience Dance Competition